Frequently asked questions

  • I am having problems printing on my machine can you help?

    We can offer a testing service were our customers can send in there products and we will test print and recommend a foil, or for larger projects we can send a member of CMI staff to your site.

  • Do I need different foils for different materials?

    Yes you will, we stock a wide range of foils in grades that are suitable for plastic or leather or paper.

  • Do you sell to the USA?

    Yes we are happy to sell to any where in the world in any quantity. Our online shop supplies UK only however you can use our contact page to list your requirements and we will be in touch with you.

  • We operate 6 Heidelberg GTP platens. Can you help with parts?

    The most popular upgrade that we offer for the GTP is the Foilmiser foil bar. We can also supply the Foilmiser pull through system and temperature controllers to bring your GTP into the 21st century.

  • My company would like to start foil stamping on a B2 sheet size. We own a Heidelberg SBG diecutter?

    The Heidelberg SBG machine that you own would be ideal to convert to foil stamping, due to you location (Bulgaria) we would deliver the conversion to your factory and fit it on site.

  • Our Johanesburg 104s has been converted to foil stamping about 10 years ago and now has seen better days. Can you help?

    CMI can either offer to repair the existing machine or replace the bed or pull through etc. A popular upgrade is the drop-in Honeycomb heater plate.

  • Can items be made to order?

    Our team contains a wealth of precision engineering, electronics and industry specific experience. Any particular need or thoughtful desire you have can be discussed with a view to solution. Write to us with requests and we are sure you can find your answers through CMI