CITO Patching Tape | 6mm


Self-adhesive, special patching tape of calibrated laminated paper. Easy use thanks to protective lead-on with tab and colour code for different thicknesses.

  • Higher production reliability through optimum adhesive strength, even for tape-to-tape applications
  • Uniform and easy unwinding: no bulging, no blocking and no soiling thanks to winding up on a separate core that is free from burrs
  • Ideal for long runs and repeat orders due to its extreme hardness
  • Smooth running of the machine through constant pressure distribution
  • Largest choice of widths and thicknesses, even for special applications

Available in three thicknesses:
Blue | 0.03mm
Red | 0.05mm
Yellow | 0.08mm

Sold Individually


PRODUCT ID: AS20103 - AS20105