Heidelberg GT/GTP Platen 13" x 18"


Heidelberg Honeycomb Heater Plate for GT/GTP Platen Machines. These 13″ x 18″ (340mm x 460mm) plates are manufactured and assembled to CMI’s own unique design.

This is a 1 Zone 3kw Heater Plate. Strong, durable & available in high grade hardened aluminium. All of our honeycomb plates are machined to true flatness. Dies (cliches) secure to the CMI plate using low height toggles.

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  • 1 Zone 3k Heater Plate

  • Available in Aluminium

  • 6.5kg - Lighter than traditional 20kg plates.

Please note: We keep these plates in stock - enabling fast delivery to our customers.

Dimensions: 13″ x 18″ (340mm x 460mm)

Weight: 6.5kg


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